2020-2021 Open Board of Directors Positions:


  • Shall attend all meetings of the membership and BOD.
  • Shall be acquainted with all duties evolving upon the President to perform the functions of the President in his/her absence.
  • Shall become acquainted with other officer’s job duties and responsibilities to effectively lead as President the following year.
  • Shall begin creating a list of potential speaker topics and speakers from vicinity and membership during the summer prior to taking office.
  • Shall obtain/reserve meeting locations for general meetings and notify the Hospitality Chair to arrange food and beverages for the meetings.
  • Shall assist the President and Board in nominating recruitment of officers for the following year.
  • Shall update signature card at the current financial institution with current Treasurer. Co signature with treasurer privileges. 
  • Shall follow the timeline and guidelines for submitting for approval all CEUs through CDR (the certifying component of AND) in order to provide completed CEU forms to be distributed to members after each meeting.
  • Shall maintain the fee payment for CPE (Certified Professional Educator) by CDR by notifying the Treasurer in a timely manner. 
  • Shall distribute approved CPE CEU forms to members participating in each meeting.
  • Shall maintain sign-in sheets and CEU forms after each meeting. Sign in sheets are kept for 7 years for possible audits from CDR. Sign in Sheets are passed by President Elect to incoming President Elect. 
  • Shall ensure each meeting presentation will qualify for complete 2 hour CEU’s, and adequate CEU’s for the annual symposium.
  • Shall communicate in a timely manner with Communication Chair all details of meeting topics and presenter information. (no later than 2 weeks prior to meetings).
  • Shall communicate with upcoming speakers the option of receiving an honorarium and amount to be offered as approved by the BOD. See Honorarium Section of Standing Rules.
  • Shall appoint Standing Committee Chairs for his/her term as President. Receive a vote of approval by BOD along with new recording of new directors by the secretary. 
  • Shall communicate with upcoming speakers the option of receiving an honorarium and amount to be offered. (See Honorarium section of Standing Rules).
  • Shall appoint 3+ members to be responsible for the February Symposium, including location, date, time, CEU offered and sponsors for food and beverages. Notify Hospitallity Chair for additional needs.
  • Shall ensure incoming President Elect is thoroughly instructed on duties as outlined above.

Membership Fee